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Flat World Partners recently onboarded Isaac Eskind as an Investment Analyst (read more about him below). FWP is also currently looking to hire a Senior Associate (job description at the end). All applicants are welcome, and referrals are appreciated!

Isaac Eskind — Investment Analyst

Isaac recently joined Flat World Partners as an investment analyst based in New York. He previously was the business development lead for Earth RepAIR, a direct air capture startup spun out of UW-Madison, his alma mater. Isaac graduated with degrees in both Finance and Environmental Studies and previously worked as a research assistant focused on the diffusion of international climate policy.

Why did you want to transition careers?

While working at Earth RepAIR, I quickly became aware that massive amounts of capital need to be flowing into climate tech businesses if we are to meet our climate change mitigation goals as a society. On the other hand, I personally saw how difficult it was to find mission-aligned investors for these growing technologies developing in the early stages. As a result, I became committed to the impact investing movement and developed a deep desire to work within the industry, where finance meets purpose. It is inspiring to think about the change that intentional and inclusive investing can create. I think it will enhance our momentum towards a better collective future specifically in meeting climate targets, as well as other aspects of society.

What interested you in Flat World Partners?

I was interested in Flat World Partners because of the firm’s commitment to increasing forward-thinking capital. I appreciate the well-rounded impact themes that we cover and am delighted to have the opportunity to learn from such an experienced group of investors.

What are one or two highlights from your experience thus far?

A major highlight of my experience so far has been expanding my understanding of sustainable investing to encompass financial inclusion, affordable housing, and workforce development. These are themes that I had a novice understanding of but am now encouraged to see capital flowing into these socially focused areas. One specific company that has moved me (while performing my first Fund due diligence) is Inclusively. They are working to create a more inclusive working environment by curating a job marketplace for people with disabilities. They are already listing jobs with high-profile employers like Microsoft and Salesforce, with a scalable business model.

What do you think is the future for impact investing?

I believe that the future of impact investing for investors is similar to the future of sustainability integration for all companies. It will become something that is embedded into the fabric of the system. I think all investors will have no choice but to become more thoughtful in how they allocate capital, and all companies will start to include sustainability considerations when making decisions, as the world revives the idea of stakeholder capitalism as the pathway for sustainable development. Moreover, I believe that this will not only make for a better world but also provide the investors or companies who stand on these principles a better return on their investment or more revenue for their businesses.

Description: The Senior Associate, Investments, at Flat World Partners manages the investment research calendar for the firm and oversees the internal processes to ensure that we deliver best-in-class work product on time and as contracted by our clients. This calendar is based on the strategic priorities of clients as well as Flat World’s internal market research and encompasses portfolio monitoring, tracking, and reporting. The Senior Associate is responsible to review and improve FWP’s internal research processes and maintain Flat World Partners’ vanguard status in the industry.
The Senior Associate reports to the Chief Investment Officer.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:


Professional Experience:

Personal Skills

Applicants should submit their cover letter and CV to CFO Sam McDonald.

Flat World Partners

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