March of Dames

Looking back at the Women’s March that took place across the globe this past weekend, we are reminded how important it is for women to take a stand for their rights. As a female-led company with team members representing Africa, Europe, and Latin America, Flat World Partners places a great emphasis on diversity of thought. We applaud traditionally underrepresented groups fighting for equality and respect.

Growing up in Northern Virginia, which is home to a widely diverse population, I sometimes took for granted that I would be constantly surrounded by individuals from various backgrounds and be able to learn from their unique experiences and perspectives. However, throughout the course of my career I have become aware that diversity is sorely lacking in many industries.

Let’s continue to embrace diversity, not just because it is the right thing to do as human beings, but also because it will allow us to reach our full potential as a society.

Chris Collins

In Jan of 2016, Kapor Capital began requiring that its portfolio companies invest in diversity, with the goal of making the tech industry more closely reflect the world we live in. By explicitly requiring this, Kapor Capital is one of the trailblazers in the VC community promoting diversity, which ultimately should improve the performance of its investments.


Atipica is a human resources tool that leverages artificial intelligence and applicant data to identify, thereby removing human bias from hiring decisions and leveling the playing field for applicants who don’t fit the typical background for that role.


Become a mentor at local organizations that help the disadvantaged improve their career prospects. StreetWise Partners has helped over 2.600 individuals and leveraged the expertise of more than 6,000 volunteers. A large proportion of those served come from disadvantaged, minority background.

Forward Thinking Capital